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Smoke Alarm Program

Smoke Alarm

Smoke detectors are inexpensive, life-saving devices designed to be the first line of defense in helping families safely escape a residential fire.

Note: as a public health and safety precaution, non- emergent in-home smoke detector assistance is suspended until further notice. Information will be posted here when the program resumes normal operations. At Benton County Fire District 2, we want all citizens to be aware of the value of having working smoke alarms in their homes. That’s why we are available to check smoke detectors for proper operation, identify appropriate mounting locations, assist with installation, and replace batteries when needed – at no charge.

For more information, or to arrange for assistance with your smoke detector, please call our District office at (509) 588-3212.  

Smoke Detector Tips:

  • Test smoke detectors at least once a month. Nearly all smoke detectors have a test button – simply push the test button and the alarm will sound.
  • Clean smoke detectors at least once a year. Dust and other particles in the air can build up over time and decrease the sensitivity of a smoke detector. The best way to clean a smoke detector is with a vacuum hose.
  • Replace the entire smoke detector at least once every 10 years. Smoke detectors do wear out over time.
  • Hard-wired smoke detectors should be tested, cleaned, and replaced just as often as non-wired smoke detectors.
  • Every bedroom should have a smoke detector. It’s also recommended to put one in living rooms and hallways.

Smoke Detector Facts:

  • Smoke detectors increase your chance of surviving a fire by 50 percent.
  • An estimated one-third of American homes have smoke detectors that do not work.