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About Us

The organizational structure of the Fire District has shared responsibilities. The Fire District is directed and controlled by the Board of Fire  Commissioners, which are three elected officials from our community. The Board of Fire Commissioners is responsible for the policy direction of the fire department. Commissioners are elected by the public vote to a six year term.

The organization leadership responsibilities are shared by a Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief and Shift Captains. The Day Captains handle administrative duties, policy affairs, legal compliances, resource management and daily emergency operations. The Fire District is operated by volunteer firefighters and a team of officers.


B2 Org Chart 2023
B2 Org Chart 2023.pdf


Emergency Communications

The Fire District is dispatched for emergency calls by a centralized 911 dispatch service called SouthEast Communications Center. SECOMM has an enhanced 911 service and a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD).