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Benton County Fire District 2 is committed to providing the highest quality lifesaving services within the level of taxation supported by the citizens we serve. We recognize the importance of accounting for the use of public funds and are committed to keeping the public fully informed of Fire District 2’s financial status on a continuous basis.

Budget goals

  • To provide a financial base to sustain fire and emergency services to the community to preserve life, property and the environment.
  • To be able to withstand local and regional economic trauma, to adjust to changes in service requirements and to respond to other changes as they affect the community.
  • To maintain an excellent credit rating in the financial community and assure taxpayers Fire District 2 is well managed financially and in sound fiscal condition.

How the budget is developed

An annual budget is adopted by the Board of Fire Commissioners, typically in October or November for the coming year. This represents the culmination of a process that begins in May and includes examining the strategic financial outlook over a five-year planning horizon, setting goals and guidelines, reviewing and establishing specific program budgets with line-item detail and holding a hearing to get public input.

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2024 BUDGET  

2024 Budget.pdf


2024 Revenue Budget
2024 Revenue Budget
2024 Expenditures Budget
2024 Operating Budget