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BCFPD2 EMS Scholarship Award

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 Emergency Services Memorial ScholarshipAward - 1 for $1000

Sponsored by the Benton County Fire District #2 Auxiliary and Firefighter Association

Deadline to submit original application packet May 1, 5:00 PM

This Scholarship is intended for students planning a career in some form of Emergency Services, i.e.: Fire Department, Police, Medical, etc. This scholarship is intended for a graduating student of Kiona-Benton High School. Extra consideration will be given to a student with some association to an Emergency Service Organization. The applicant should have an Association or District member as a recommendation .

Eligibility Requirements & Application Guidelines:

Selection Process: Scholarships are awarded through a competitive review process to a Kiona-Benton High School Graduating Senior. The offer of a scholarship is valid only through the academic year for which the offer is made. Not all applicants will receive an award.

Application Instructions: It is the responsibility of the student applicant to submit a complete packet to the School District office no later than 5:00 PM on May 1. Complete your application using a typewriter, word processor, or print only in black ink. An editable pdf application is available to download below.

A complete “original” application packet consists of the following:

  • Personal information – Answer each question on the provided form.
  • Personal Statement – This is your opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light to the Scholarship Review Committee. Use the form provided. Only one side of one page will be read.
  • Scholarship Recommendation – Submit two (only two) recommendations. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all scholarship recommendations and your application packet are delivered no later than 5 PM on May 1. Recommendation forms are provided.
  • High School Transcripts – A copy of your transcripts through the first semester of your senior year are required.

Scholarship Awards: Applicants may be subject to a review committee meeting interview in May. Scholarships will be announced at the Ki-Be Senior Awards Ceremony.    


B2 Association EMS Scholarship Application.pdf


Complete application packets may be mailed or hand delivered to:

Benton County Fire District #2
1304 Dale Ave
PO Box 719
Benton City, WA 99320


Past Receiptents

2022 - Madisen Bates, Columbia Basin Community College

2021 - not awarded

2020 - not awarded

2019 - Tawnya Elliott, Eastern Washington University

2018 - Elizabeth Medina, Columbia Basin Community College

2017 - Chelsea Harris, Columbia Basin Community College

2016 - Darrel Wheeler, Central Washington University, Computer Science, graduate 2022

2015 - Kiley Smith, Washington State University,  Psychology, graduate 2018

2014 - Blake Hirschi, Brigham Young University, Microbiology, graduate 2019