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Our History

Photo of the old Station 210 on 9th St (SR225) between Della and Edith Ave
ST 210 1980'S
Station 210 (1980's)
713 9th St., Benton City, WA

Welcome to Benton County Fire Protection District #2. The fire district was established in 1949 (April 25, 1949) and operated with the hard work of local citizens to protect other citizens for no reimbursement.  With the help of the Fire Chief at the time, Francis Dovorak, the fire district continued to move forward.  In the year 1959 an ambulance district was created under the same name but would remain separate as far as budget.

The Fire District is a rural Fire District serving the City of Benton City and the surrounding area. We protect approximately 10,000 residents over an 88 square mile area. Our fire district serves and protects our community from two fire stations. Headquarters, Station 210 is located at 1304 Dale Avenue in Benton City and a satellite fire station located at 49504 Whitmore PRNW. The Fire District is made up of 40 Volunteers, Firefighters, EMT's, Paramedics, 9 Resident Firefighters, 7 Career Employees and 12 Auxiliary support members. We provide a full service of Fire/Rescue Services, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Emergency Ambulance Transport Service, Cooperative Members of a Regional Tri-County Hazardous Materials Team, Incident Management Team and contract dive rescue services to the Columbia Basin Dive Rescue Team. We are proud to provide Swiftwater, and Open water rescue through our 9-member Water Rescue Team.

STA 210 A
Station 210 (Current)
1304 Dale Ave., Benton City, WA

The Fire District responds to approximately 1300 emergency calls annually and has a robust Automatic and Mutual Aid Contract with 13 local Fire Departments. We pride ourselves with being innovative, professional, and compassionate to our customers. We have a great group of firefighters which builds on professionalism, customer service, teamwork, camaraderie and provides a family atmosphere for our members. 


Benton County Minutes April 25, 1949 - district 2 established.pdf