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Operation Santa

Operation Santa

Volunteers of Benton County Fire District #2 will be conducting their annual “Operation Santa” by carrying Santa throughout their communities on the firetruck December 24th.

Every attempt is made to reach as many people possible in their community but unfortunately some homes will be unable to be reached. During these events, please refrain from calling 911 or the Emergency Communications Centers non-emergency telephone number for information on Santa's location.

These events are coordinated by our dedicated volunteers in your community. 

A few tips to ensure you see Santa on the fire truck:

- check your local fire stations Facebook page to see if and/or when they are coming, routes, etc.

- Listen for the sirens and be prepared. (crack a window or door to ensure you hear them coming)

- Have the children dressed and ready to “spring into action” for when Santa gets close.

- For the best possible viewing, take the children to the end of the driveway but stay clear of the roadway.

- Do not attempt to climb aboard the fire truck.

- Do not chase the fire truck.