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Fire Levy Lid 

Firefighter with helmet and mask, fire engine in background, Benton County Fire District #2 promo.

Benton County Fire District #2 Fire Levy LID

What is the Levy LID for and why do we need it?

When State Initiative 695 and 747 passed, it caused our fire district to only be eligible for a 1% increase above the last year’s budget, plus new construction, unless voted upon for an increase. Prior to these initiatives, we were able to take up to a 6% increase above the previous year’s levy to help maintain our levy rates. When calculated out, this 6% did not put excess money in our pocket, but it did allow us to maintain service levels, while providing for our firefighters’ safety and meeting state and federal laws.

Without the continuation of the LID, we will be held to a 1% annual increase. This will cause a reduction of our budget every year, compounding the decrease in operating funds. Although the reduction seems small at first, over several years it will become a serious shortfall. After exhausting all other means possible, we are forced to go back to the public, and ask you to help support us so we can continue to provide you with the same level of service. We are not asking for a new tax increase, but to CONTINUE our funding to where it currently is. The problem is that everything we are required to purchase, to continue servicing you, has increased way above the 1%. For example: one set of firefighter turnouts, and related equipment for one volunteer firefighter, costs over $3,500, compared to five years ago, at a cost of $1,600. Our 911 dispatch costs have risen to more than 23%, ambulances and fire trucks have increased over 20%, and we know what fuel costs have done. These are some of the small examples of our cost increases. Future purchases are expected to continue to increase.


How is our District Funded? 

We are funded primarily through property taxes.

FIRE: We receive a maximum of $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value.

EMS (Ambulance): We receive a maximum of $.50 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Currently we have been prorated and only receive $1.47 PER $1,000. We are not allowed to collect more than the amount shown above, per State Law, ensuring you will not see an added increase above the $1.50. THIS IS NOT A NEW TAX but the current tax structure we have had for 20 + years. The LID expires every 6-years.

More details of how our district is funded here


What services do we provide to our customers? 

AMBULANCE TRANSPORT - Advanced, Intermediate, and Basic Life Support. We have a 12-lead ECG Heart Program in our EMS protocols. Our agency piloted this program for the Tri-Cities area. This system has detected heart attacks in the field,  and transferred that information to the hospital,  where cardiologists are awaiting patient arrivals  to the hospitals teamed up with Kadlec Medical Centers Heart Program. This service, provided by our EMT’s, saves lives annually. Our ambulances are equipped the same as Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco Ambulances proving effectiveness and seamless operations in mutual aid situations.

FIREFIGHTING - We fight any and all types of fires including vehicle, structural, and wildland fires.

RESCUE - We provide vehicle, low angle, building, and swift water & rescue boat services.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS RESPONSE - We are a member of the Tri-County Hazardous Material Response Team.

INCIDENT MANAGEMENT TEAMS - We provide members to teams, which manages large or complex incidents in our region and throughout the State.

PUBLIC EDUCATION - We host community CPR Classes. Deliver Fire Safety Education to schools and participate in other community events throughout the year.


Benton County Fire District #2 (Benton City) has been proudly providing fire and emergency medical ambulance services to Benton City, and the greater area around Benton City, for over 75 years. The Fire District responds to over 1,300 emergency calls every year in our community, all the while providing a better-equipped and trained fire department. This is accomplished by smart management of our budget, grant awards and the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and career staff. See more about what we do for our community and  how to volunteer here or ..

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