Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
Sat. May 14th 2016

From Allison Weld:

We recently challenged all our Tire Factory employees at our three Tri-City locations to strive to 'Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty' (ABCD). We have worked very hard bringing recognition to various employees throughout the day, week, and months for making a difference. It can be a simple smile or a major act of kindness, it just needs to be something that pushes you (as the individual) to make a positive impact on others. When we started this program of employees praising other employees, for doing something great we had no idea how wonderful the impact would be.

Tonight our employees were on a service call up Webber Canyon Road. Our employees were impacted by someone else's 'ABCD' moment, that they immediately pulled over and took pictures then text me to share.

Our tire guys want to give praise to the fire fighters that preserved the memorial in this picture. As our store Manager, Tyler Keltner, at our Richland location said, it took a good group of people to preserve this memorial that meant a lot to 'someone', and that is an above and beyond the call of duty act!

I couldn't agree more. I realize that this is in BCFD#2's jurisdiction, however, this was a mutual aid fire and could have been any of the several fire departments. We will attempt to post a thank you on our FB page, as well as send a message to KNDU. Just felt it was important to share!

11 entries in the News

11 entries in the News

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